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    TR 35 edizione 2013

    Anche quest’anno inizia il Concorso per Giovani Innovatori

    MIT Technology Review, Innovators under 35 (‘TR 35’), is an Award jointly promoted by MIT Technology Review Italy, by the Research Innovation Entrepreneurship Forum, and by the University of Padua.

    Its aim is to select and support the best innovative ideas and projects of applied research developed in Italy with relevant potential for the creation of technology based companies in the last 12 months.,

    ‘TR 35’ is open to everyone, younger then 35 years who has an innovative project or who had already started a company, and would like to connect with other researchers, innovators, investors.

    TR 35 is a project created by magazine MIT Technology Review , published by the Massachusetts

    Institute of Technology. It promotes the spreading of emerging technologies and analyzes their impact from many points of view: commercial, social and political.

    The awards span a wide range of fields, including biotechnology, materials, computer hardware, energy, transportation and Information and Communication Technologies.

    The promoters are searching for individuals whose superb technical work holds great promise to shape the next decades. Their goal is to recognize the development of new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems. They also reward ingenious and

    elegant work that matters to the world at large in a particular field or industry.

    The Global Edition of Technology Review showcases finalists, including the Innovator of

    the Year, in its September/October issue. Those selected by the Italian Edition of TR Young Innovators will be admitted in short list of the Global Edition In Cambridge.

    The main aims of TR 35 are:

    1. Highlighting the importance of scientific research for economic

    and social development

    2. Presenting best innovative ideas and projects developed in Italy

    3. Finding financial resources in order to support research

    and innovation projects

    4. Promoting the entrepreneurial culture based on innovation

    The 10 recipient of the Award MIT Technology Review. Innovators Under 35

    > Will be presented in the MIT Technology Review Italia on paper and on line, and in the web site of the Innovation Entrepreneurship Forum;

    > Will be invited to participate to an event within the Research Innovation

    and Entrepreneurship Forum, in Padua, Italy, during Spring 2013,

    in order to present their work to potential investors and venture capitalists;

    > Will be admitted to the selection of the global TR Youg Innovators.;

    > Will receive the award from a distinguished scientist or entrepreneur.


    The competition is open to everyone who has a brilliant idea and has already

    developed a project based on technological innovation and applied research.

    Every field of research will be accepted. People coming from Universities

    and Research Centers, start-ups, medium to small companies, large

    corporations, non profit organizations, are encouraged to participate.

    TR young innovators applicants must be under the age of 35 on October 1,

    2012 (born after October 1, 1977).

    Application procedures

    In order to participate , you are requested to present, in English, an idea based on

    technological innovation or the results of applied research.

    The idea and the results must be the original outcome of the efforts of the single participant.

    If you want to participate, please complete the online application that you

    find at, in all its fields. The application should be

    received by February 28, 2013.

    (The guidelines are on the website

    For any information about the online application,

    please send an e-mail to

    Awarded projects will be presented during the 2013 edition

    of the Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum.


    A Scientific Committee, will evaluate the projects. The Committee will include

    professors, researchers from different Universities, high-tech entrepreneurs,

    managers, seed and venture capitalists, and members of the

    Editorial Boards of MIT Technology Review..

    The main criteria for the evaluation are: originality of the results,

    degree of innovation, impact of potential applications and their economic

    and social consequences.

    Each project will be evaluated along with the following criteria:

    The impact of the project: we want to reward people who introduce

    new and better solutions that change the way people live or work;

    The style: we want to reward elegant and brilliant solutions

    and the multidisciplinary perspective;

    The challenge: we want to reward projects that have ambitious targets;

    We want to reward original projects that people are currently working on.

    For further information, please visit and

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