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    Innovators Under 35 Summit Europe

    Introducing the Europe Summit for the Innovators Under 35.

    di MIT Technology Review

    What is the Summit Europe?
    Innovators under 35 Europe Summit is a global meeting of all the winners from the European editions of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 Awards. It is an optimum environment of reflection, discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience regarding innovation and entrepreneurship. It aims to become a referential event worldwide.

    This event will take place on 20th of October in European Parliament, Brussels, and will bring together the most brilliant minds from Europe with the objective of strengthening the relationship between all the innovators and sharing their experience.

    We want to create a space where innovators of different nationalities and generations can debate and work together on that which you share: a desire to face the world ́s greatest challenges throughtechnology. Therewillbe debates, Innovatorspresentation,andinteractiveexperiences with one goal: To challenge the problems that worry the region in a new transformative way and increase the good impact they are making in the world.

    What should we expect from the Summit?
    We hope to unite global and regional winners, representatives of MIT Technology Review and leaders of the European ecosystem in this forum. The aim is to combine community time and workshops to address these global challenges, and you will also have the opportunity to present conclusions and analysis at the European Parliament the same day.

    The community of innovators is made up of exceptional individuals that share a talent for technology, the ambition to change the way we live, work, communicate, educate and cure, and the skills to execute and transform these ideas into tangible realities.

    That ́s why we want to combine spaces for reflection and themed working sessions to tackle important world challenges and the solutions that technology could provide. Afterwards, Innovators Under 35 will debate the conclusions with members of the European Parliament and establish a horizon which we can continue to work towards in the future, from each of their realities and projects.

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