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<cusin> but a !help synomym would be nice
<spindola> Jabber is still very small in a sense
<themachine> encrypted voice and text
<ventosa> I came from Germany
<divyanka> the user guide
<enness> hehehe, bag of rats
<supariwala> you live near DC ?
<maishment> you use them too?
<jolteon> does the number have any meaning?
<tilby> lots of fun
<alberro> auch gut
<ditrolio> bailan chido

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<elfady> I wonder if I can join rooms on the server
<kirola> thats a good one too
<pryde> there we go
<mcleavey> de por esas igual ya tngo novio
<petrakos> erm, hi
<deadbones> sure try on
<bigsantos> Must be an English thing
<lerosen> how i can search people by country?
<geldien> MattJ is a wizard
<illyas> yes I closed the wrong window by mistake!

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<aboul> what are u seeing there
<daloo> why doesnt she talk to me
<skuback> oh never used it
<chrzanowski> No, the server I usually have my account on
<suryan> ur using PSI i think
<gruianu> pass
<retnawati> yaEE chocolate
<klutz> ok, will look around
<goffard> slipstream
<radeon> ok i authorize you
<ghansah> ok, seeya
<whizzy> yep, it does
<emminger> Oh, that vcard.

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<noviawan> me tengo que ir por un rato
<kotkat> Me tooooooooooooooooooooo
<chambliss> pues solo matando el tiempo un rato
<stroke> well, not many linux clients support muc.
<codega> euh
<javanna> i only saw one
<evalarosa> oss?
<mclemee> Russian lexicon is very rich
<gaana> 8-) lemme know
<siliceo> The question is only to chose WHAT?
<pinlac> And enslave the rest
<mehajabin> algume du barsil
<amygdala> Gossip rocks

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<mocevic> du?
<jurea> plasir
<faret> was just woundering that my self
<lkallis> Oh, interesting. Why?
<coquico> well its a local dish
<llemar> i run
<yunho> Do you run your own server?
<gunterberg> unless you want to write this yourself
<santoianni> well i dunno
<dobbelaer> there are plenty woody backport archives
<dowrong> but i donno where it is
<jonanthan> room is kinda sleepy atm
<castranda> Alder Sack ^^

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<ovall> bonjour àtous, hello
<howser> Thanks. =)
<sotirov> Who is here?
<sinlao> Hi 2
<raugust> that would make sense
<hehheh> university is too theoretical
<cliedjohn> Oh, good!
<khyrismalls> Join the party, I fixed the bug for good
<kadali> Just add it to the JID field
<tecker> Back from where?

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<gbenro> I need your public IP
<speltincx> uptime of a few hundred days no problem
<holtby> nett, danke, hab ich aber schon
<tjandrawan> I prefer that to a million seperate windows
<schooten> My client is Gaim
<jodocy> Ichat ?
<sonwal> bugs
<smallshaw> dont worry, im not familiar too
<leopando> what local jabber server?
<pangar> How much for that?
<tashlay> no probably
<donita> what is afaik?
<eddys> Psi just recently got file transfer option

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